2015 Election Thank You

Thank you from the Greens candidates for the 3 northern beaches electorates of Wakehurst, Pittwater and Davidson

Dr Jonathan King, Felicity Davis and David Sentinella thank all the voters who voted for the Greens in the three Northern Beaches Electorates of  Wakehurst, Pittwater and Davidson at the 2015 NSW State Election.

  Wakehurst Pittwater Davidson
1st Pref. Votes 5,727 7,780 6,615
1st Pref. % 12.0% 16.1% 13.5%
After Preferences Vote * 10,847 9,525
After Preferences % * 24.3% 21.2%
Swing % * +8.9%

* No figures for 2 Candidate preferred vote
[Data from ABC Election Site: http://www.abc.net.au/news/nsw-election-2015]

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NSW State Election 2015
JOHN KAYE (MLC Candidate)
NSW State Election 2015

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