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Felicity Davis

We have a real opportunity to change the politics in NSW. We need your support to shift the balance of power. I look forward to meeting people to discuss what’s important in Pittwater, and  why voting Green can make a difference. The Greens are gaining ground nationally; we offer a real alternative to the grey parties.

Dr Jonathan King


Dr Jonathan King

 People need to stand up for the beach, the bushland and our communities or all the environmental protections that have been gained over many years will disappear. 

We have to stop developing fossil fuels and focus on renewables. We know that’s the right thing to do. So lets do it.

David Sentinella


David Sentinella

I am proud to stand as the Greens candidate for Davidson. I have a vision for a fair and equitable society and a society that incorporates ecological sustainability in everything we do. I will continue to fight against the privatisation of public assets and defend public education and public health. I fully support our push for Clean air. Clean water. Clean politics.


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NSW State Election 2015
JOHN KAYE (MLC Candidate)
NSW State Election 2015

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