Coal Protests

If you are kept awake at night by the looming climate chaos and ocean acidification, then join us for protests. We have other campaigns on the go, but the protests are the most visible. Eventually they must have an effect.

March 2011 - CSG Rally in Sydney


April 2011 - Carbon tax rally 

May 2011. We protesed against the proposal to mine coal near the Gardens of Stone national park north of Lithgow

In Nov 2011 we joined another rally organised by Getup at Central sation Sydney. We mostly go as Greens, but sometimes we join other climate organisations when we need to be non political.

Some of the usual suspects from the Northern Beaches Greens.

Pru, Mandy, Felicity, etc

March 3013 - The Newcastle Grrens organised a huge rally to prevent the 4th coal terminal, T4, from being built in Newcastle port. If it is built, then many new mines can open.  Most of the protests were worried about teh health effects of silicosis caused by dust from the coal trains. We were more worried about the CO2.

Jan 2014 - We joined a protest at Maules Creek mine in the Leard state forest near Boggabri NSW. It had been organised by a coalition of 350.0rg, Greenpeace, local aborignals, and farmers, etc. 

We camped  in a farmer's field.

The regulars at the permanent camp gave us lessons in blockading.

Next morning we blockaded much of the equipment and a gate to the mine arriving at 4:30 AM. The youngest keenest climbed upp tripods and stayed there all day.

At ground level we, us "arrestibles" sat in front of the gate. The three on the right hand end are NBGs. We were not arrested, too much paperword for too little reward. There were 120 of us that day.

The younger ones were a little more dedicated and effective. This young lady was a student from Melbourne and the $250 fine and court appearance will be a real challenge for her.




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